Dedicated servers

We offer a Cloud server for projects based on the WordPress environment. The computing power in each case is selected individually, taking into account the requirements of the project / projects. We guarantee continuous monitoring of service availability and a system of reacting to detected problems in the 24/7/365 model. The server’s operating system is regularly updated, taking into account the daily backup.


virtual dedicated server

Virtual Dedicated Cloud Server is dedicated to demanding projects based on the WordPress environment. We offer multiple physical server locations: London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and more.

Managing the WordPress environment

We guarantee constant monitoring and access to Worldpress websites. Every day we scan your website files for Malware threats. We update plugins, themes and other components of the website on an ongoing basis.  

"Remote hands" service

The scope and conditions are set individually. As part of our services, we guarantee: WorldPress updates, plug / theme installations and configurations, content input and website optimization in terms of performance and other important internet indicators.