Video Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Video content is easy to share on social media and post on websites, blogs and YouTube channels. This universal approach is why 91% of marketers consider video an important element of marketing strategies. It is worth noting that it does not require too much resources, which is why this form of advertising is worth your attention. Our agency creates: video infographics, animated advertising clips, professional video advertisements, introduction of products and services. We can say that this is what we are all about – this element of marketing brings us a lot of joy.


According to 97% of companies, videos help people understand their offer well.

84% of marketers said videos helped them increase their traffic.

The Internet Users spend 88% more time on websites containing videos.


The users who use videos boost their revenue 49% faster than the ones who don’t do it.

Video Marketing
is on!

According to a report by Zenith media agency (Publicis Media) in 2021 average time spent daily on Internet video content will reach 70 minutes in Poland. It will be a 40% increase in comparison to 2018! The users are most likely to watch their video content on mobile devices. 

produkcja filmów

We can see a growing interest in watching greater amount of audio-visual content created by brands. Right now, the costs of video productions are not high, so this form of communication is within your reach. What type of videos do the users expect?

39% of users are looking for answers to frequently asked questions

20% are looking for more viral and entertaining content.

10% would like to see more vlogs and 9% prefer interactive videos.

The use of video marketing

Video marketing is widely associated with YouTube and its popularity is growing on all social media too.


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The engagement of the Internet Users with posts including videos is 13.9% higher than with posts without videos.

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75% of users clicked or searched for additional information about brands or products after seeing a video.

icon Snapchat


It generates 10 billion views daily.

icon TikTok


It was launched as an advertising platform for companies and offers interesting video marketing through hashtag challenges.

YouTube video marketing

This platform exceeds the efficacy of advertising of the televisionIpsos research for Google shows that the users pay attention to the YouTube advertisements 62% of the time while watching them on computer and 83% of time when watching them on mobile phones. For TV the attention is limited to 45% of exposure time. 

video produkcje


icon Video info grafiki

Video infographics

Movement adds value – advertisements where the main purpose is to present important data with graphics, pictographs and animations in short, but very appealing visual forms. 

icon Filmy wizerunkowe

Image videos

Image videos are often realised for clients, who want to show their target the values of their company. In this way, apart from the offer, your clients can explore the advantages and DNA of the company and initiate a mindful cooperation.

icon Filmy reklamowe


We create scripts of advertising videos for companies and brands. Simple spots recorded in the client’s environment or complex productions with stage design, participants, animators and video editing.

icon Filmy instruktażowe i szkolenia

Tutorials and trainings

Lots of knowledge in a nutshell. Tutorials allow for presenting a broad range of advantages and utilities of a product or service. The tutorial form is very successful on‑line. 

icon Transmisje online

On line broadcast

We create environment for on‑line broadcasting in the scope of: stage design, lighting, camera management, full technical management of broadcasting, and if these services are not required for the particular project, we will provide training on on‑line broadcasting. 

icon Projekty dedykowane

Dedicated projects

There are industries and clients, for whom we create personalised projects, which are individual productions or whole video series. Through our clients we initiate complementary cooperation to improve the reach of their message. 

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