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E-Commerce marketing allows for increasing the number of the target users of Internet stores and attracting more clients. This serves the purpose of increasing sales and revenue. We care about the effectiveness of our websites and facilitating the purchasing process. We provide hosting and customer service with our high technological competences.

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The flexible approach and full comprehension of the needs of your company, budget and goals allows us to develop an e-trade strategy to boost the growth of your business.

Solid understanding of the market and practical operative experience in the scope of different e-commerce platforms and platform migration helps us build a well-adjusted and trusted platform related consulting. We will optimise it for your budget and business needs.

Our e-commerce consultants will propose solutions and automating processes to lower the costs and improve the effectiveness of actions, which will directly influence the results for your company.

We adjust proper risk projection, insurance policies and much more, so that you do not have to worry about obligations and can focus on the development of your company.

Regardless whether we use iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry, we make sure your mobile users appreciate the practical approach of our app. 


SEO e-commerce

Every day the number of on‑line transaction grows. We make sure that your products reach your clients quickly and effectively. 

SEO e-commerce

Social Media e-commerce

We combine your business processes and complex sales channels into one, logical solution, which leads to effective achievement of greater effectiveness. This directly translates into the growth of your company.

Marketing e-commerce


We use many platforms leading in the industry. Continuous testing and data analysis improve conversion. 


Marketing e-commerce